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InnovHacktion at FIC 2017

On 23rd and 24th of January, our CTF team, InnovHacktion, got to participate in FIC 2017, the biggest cybersecurity conference in France. We registered to the two challenges, one organized by ACISSI and another organized by EPITA.

FIC 2017 1
From left to right: Me, Abel, Louis, our coach Max, Erwan, Lucas, Yohan

Despite our very young team (20 years old on average!), we managed to place respectably at both challenges, both times in the top half of participating teams. It was a neat experience, we got to represent Epitech and had fun taking on the challenges. We’ll be training for next year.

Our results:
First day: ACISSI challenge - 17e / 40 teams
Second day: EPITA challenge - 29e / 75 teams